My educational background is in Psychology. After attaining my Master degree in Clinical Psychology, I worked as a career counselor and student psychologist for children and teenagers alike.

In the Netherlands I broadened my knowledge through studying arts, culture and social sciences, and took a particular interest in Cultural Anthropology. I never graduated from my second master´s programme because I was so eager to work with clients again.

Soon after my arrival in Maastricht I discovered that coaching is a highly effective way to harvest insights and help people mobilize for change. I trained in Switzerland and my company started growing soon after.

I have been trained in dealing with psychological trauma both in a group and in an individual setting. Through my work with the “intention method”, I look at the ways in which trans-generational and personal trauma is impacting a person’s identity and life choices.

For over 7 years of being in Maastricht I have been deeply involved with the business community, the entrepreneurial life and the startup scene. I’ve offered workshops, trainings and contributed to organizing events around the topic of entrepreneurship.

I have volunteered often for the Centre for Entrepreneurship, coached Enactus Maastricht for their first, second and third Dutch National Competitions. Meanwhile I was also working as project and community manager for LaunchBase – the first startup pre-incubation programme ever to be set up in Maastricht. During my time with LaunchBase I organized the first edition of the European Social Innovation Week in Maastricht.

I volunteered for the TedX Maastricht organizing team for a couple of months where I was part of the speaker liaison and story-telling coaches subteam.

Now I am full time dedicated to my company where I develop several projects in parallel, I still take on individual clients and I regularly organize workshops and trainings on a variety of topics that I have specialized in throughout the years.

I’m always looking for interesting new projects, challenges and collaborations! But most importantly, I look for dedicated, passionate and interesting people that have a genuine desire to grow.