Psychological Support

“Dealing with mental health issues is not easy. Adina helped me see myself from new perspectives and empowered me to make healthier choices for myself. She is great and really fun to work with.”

Adina is a very warm and soothing therapist. She is not like any other classic psychologist I met, because she is not the ‘silent-poker-face-therapist’ we see in movies. She asks the most interesting questions, and is not afraid to share her experience with her clients. She always made my sessions feel safe, no matter how difficult the conversation got. I owe her my sanity!”


“Adina is strong, smart and highly competent. Our work was short, effective and her results are flawless.”

“I experienced Adina as passionate and professional, which made it overall a wonderful experience working with her.

“Adina is a competent specialist who has proficient knowledge and experience both psychologically and in the field of coaching.
I enjoyed working with her as she is highly understanding and accessible.

She helped me to realize more my talents and competencies and to find a way how can I apply them to achieve what I want. I would certainly recommend Adina to people who are searching for guidance in various situations.
Being an expat herself, she understands very well the challenges a foreigner goes through.”


“She works hard with excellent results!”

“As a workshop facilitator with 100% energy and tremendous enthusiasm, Adina has this magical power to motivate and encourage individuals to maximize their potential and inspire them to make the impossible possible.”

“I can state with confidence that what Ms. Petre has done can only be described as not only professional but also extremely satisfying, exceptionally interesting and most importantly worth recommending.”