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You deserve to Bloom!

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience at a personal development retreat, designed to inspire growth and transformation, in the Romanian mountains.

28th of August - 1st of September

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At a glance

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  • This retreat, taking place on August 28th-September 1st 2024, is an exclusive offer with only 8 spots available.
  •  The group is intentionally kept small so that you can experience growth in a safe group and receive all the individual attention you need during your process.
  •  The options include 8 places in rooms shared with a fellow retreat participant with one queen-size bed and a private bathroom.
  • All the interested people will be invited to an online interview in which we make sure our expectations align. An attendance contract and an invoice will be issued to those selected to join our retreat.

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Who is this retreat for?

For seven full days, starting on the 28th of Augst and ending on the 1st of September 2024, join us in the tranquil enfold of the Carpathian Mountains in Predeal, Romania.

You long for a pause from your daily life in which you can dedicate yourself to activities that boost your vitality, energy, and confidence.

This transformative retreat is designed to help you prioritize and replenish your physical, mental, and emotional resources, inviting you to bloom!

You're Ready to Dive Into Your Personal Growth:

  • You recognize the significance of mining valuable insights from your inner self, which can be transformed into a tangible action plan to guide you beyond the retreat, in a fluid harmonious way that suits you best.
  • You’re aware that amidst the business of life, you've neglected your own well-being and it’s starting to take a toll on the quality of your life. However, you realize that you truly want a step back and gain a portable reservoir of energy.
  • You’re ready to explore openly smooth instruments that can get you into the best version you aim for, constantly, gently, and carefully.

You're Open to New Experiences and Cultures

  • Travelling to another country feels exciting and adventurous to you.
  • You're prepared to commit to this one-week transformation journey and surrender to the experience that is designed specifically for your well-being.
  • You're keen to experience a different culture, language, and environment, and you see the journey to Romania as an opportunity to further expand your horizons and your overall growth experience.
  • You long to connect with women coming together in a real sisterhood.

You're Open to Sharing and Connecting with Like-Minded Individuals

  • You appreciate the value of shared experiences and are comfortable with connecting to a supportive and safe group.
  • You also cherish the idea of resting and recharging in luxurious shared accommodations.
  • You look forward to creating new memories with like-minded women.

You Believe in the Power of Intensive, Focused Work

  • You trust that a week of focused, dedicated personal work can lead to breakthroughs and meaningful changes.
  • You Believe in the MAGIC of safe groups. You have faith in the transformative power of secure and supportive communities of women, and you are eager to embrace the opportunities they offer. 
  • You're open to new methods and approaches to personal growth and transformation. That you can easily take home and integrate into your daily routine.

You're Ready to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  • You're excited about the prospect of trying something new and are ready to embrace the unknown.
  • You know that expanding your comfort zone is often the first step to meaningful change.
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You May Not Be Ready for This Retreat If…

  • You're not open to self-exploration or personal development.
  • You're looking for a typical tourist experience or a mainstream vacation.
  • You're resistant to trying new experiences or cultural immersion.
  • You don’t feel called to group activities and community interactions.
  • You are not comfortable to be sharing accommodation with a sister participant.

  • You're unable or unwilling to partly disconnect from technology during the retreat.
  • You're not comfortable with introspective practices like meditation, journaling, sharing some personal details or having group discussions.
  • You’re looking for a purely spiritual experience.
  • You’re not ready yet to experience the Power of Personal Development.
  • You are (raw) vegan.
  • You have a physical disability that requires ramps, elevators and any other type of assistance.
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What to Expect

You deserve not just to survive, but to BLOOM, living a life fully aligned with your core values.

In this retreat, you'll be introduced to a select group of like-minded women, promoting healthy connections and a sorority to aid your transformative journey.

The setting is an exclusive, luxurious sanctuary nestled in the Carpathian Mountains in Predeal, Romania.

Throughout the retreat, you'll participate in a variety of activities designed to foster self-connection and clarity:

  • Yoga to gently awaken your body,
  • Personal development exploratory and insightful group workshops,
  • Intuitive dance and a cacao ceremony 
  • Sound healing, to indulge all our senses, 
  • Dynamic meditations 
  • Small hikes in nature,
  • Cultural day trips,
  • A supportive group to aid you in your healing process.

Where it takes place:

The luxurious private villa in Predeal is located at the edge of a national landmark forest, offering an intimate, comfortable setting for group work and personal reflection, complete with modern amenities. Shared double bedrooms with unique designs, each having a private bathroom with a shower. A generous working space for group activities both inside and outside. A generous setting with a dining space and an open floor plan kitchen for your coffee breaks and activities. 


Day 1 - 28th of August

Arrival & kick-off. You'll get picked up at the airport at 14:00h local time, and arrive at our sanctuary followed by a brief orientation. Kick-off of the retreat will take place after a celebratory dinner when we open the circle and set the intentions for this retreat experience. 

Day 2 - 29th of August

Gentle awakening of your body with a yoga session held by our yoga teacher, following with a nutritious breakfast to fuel your body for the first workshop of the day. We will work on discovering the pain points of your relationship to yourself, and learn how to connect with your needs. In the afternoon, after a lunch and some personal time for reflection, you will have a dynamic meditation so that you can emobdy the information you accessed in the morning. The evening is reserved for a nice dinner out, and socializing. 

Day 3 - 30th of August

After breakfast we will embark upon a day of exploring the rich history of Romania, by going on a road trip. This will also be a good occasion for you to make some memories together, take a hike, explore the city with a tourguide and do some souvenirs shopping. In the evening we will have a cacao ceremony and releasing old beliefs circle. 

Day 4 - 31st of August

We will start the day with a gentle yoga flow again, followed by a workshop on how to redesign the relationship with yourself after the previous day release, while the afternoon will be dedicated to body work and a sound ceremony will close the day before dinner. 

Day 5 - 1st of September

After breakfast we will have an integration workshop and close the circle saying goodbye, as airport pick-up will be arranged at 12:00h. 

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Meet your guides


We are Adina Petre and Maria Orzu, two compatible souls, deeply connected with our divine nature of being women who are deeply in love with the amazing gifts of group work. 

Adina is educated as a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Trauma recovery therapies and High-Performance coaching. “My zone of genius lies at the intersection of evidence-based practices and intuitive somatic work, which I continuously train and develop in, since 2010. I am specifically dedicating this retreat to women’s recovery and their development, unencumbered by the past. Supporting you to Bloom is how I will best serve you on this retreat. My online private practice was born in the Netherlands 13 years ago, and organising retreats is my way of generating more impact by taking people on a journey towards their authentic selves. My mission is to bring people empowerment from within and support their autonomy to flourish. It's always an honour and a privilege for me to be a guide on a transformative journey.”

Maria is a Theta Healing therapist. “I’ve been working with women, in ceremonial practices, for two years now. In 2017 I discovered that life can be completely different from what I experienced before, in terms of honouring my femininity, my ancestors, and my circle of women. In terms of gratitude for my present also. And I never looked back! I started learning online and offline about somatic practices, about uniting the body with the mind, about personal development, about NLP and the amazing importance of words. And this is a work in progress that I don’t want to ever stop. Learning is one of the ways that keeps me positive, enthusiastic, and creative.”

Your Contribution to your Transformation

The early bird price (until the 28th of June) is € 1850.
Starting with the 29th of June the full price will be €2500.
Registrations are possible until the 15th of August.
The price includes accommodation, all the mind and body activities, all the trips and all the meals.
The price does NOT include plane tickets and travel insurance.

All the interested people will be invited to an online interview in which we make sure our expectations align. An attendance contract and an invoice will be issued to those selected to join our retreat. 

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Over 15 years of working with clients, I've noticed recurring desires and have been asked by my clients to provide intensive, focused therapy - a "healing bubble," if you will.
Inspired by these insights, we have crafted a retreat that brings together insights from psychology, high-performance coaching, introspection, somatic practices and holistic healing workshops to deliver profound, long-lasting changes and results in your healing journey.
We will guide you as we go deeper into your psyche, uncover internal blockages, and empower your Healthy Self with tools for sustainable change and nervous system rebalancing.

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